Premier Purchasing and Marketing Alliance

Providing advanced electronic invoicing.

Transparently managing the entire rebate chain.

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Premier Purchasing and
Marketing Alliance, LLC.

178 Broad Street
Glens Falls, NY 12801
Telephone: (800) 833-8788
Fax: (518) 793-7235

What we do:

PPMA is a revolutionary platform for managing invoicing and associated rebate programs between manufacturers and their distributors. By utilizing cutting edge technology, we streamline the process of invoice delivery, remittance, rebate tracking and disbursement, and provide advanced tools for discrepancy remediation. It's easy, efficient, automatic and totally transparent. Our platform acts as a gateway by accepting elecronic invoices from manufacturers and providing an advanced web portal for the managing of payments and rebates. We act as the payment intermediary, automatically calculating and retaining the earned rebates from invoice payments, then transferring the rebate back to the distributor in a timely fashion.
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